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    Educating The Industry
  • Responsible Gambling

    Have you met the compliance requirements for Responsible Gambling staff training? Our multi-jurisdiction courses meet all UK, USA and MALTA standards. To register for a FREE online trial,

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    Responsible Gambling
  • Anti-Money Laundering

    Are your employees trained enough to satisfy the regulatory requirements on Anti-Money Laundering?
    Our course ensures they are.

    To register for a FREE online trial,

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    Anti-Money Laundering
  • Face-To-Face Learning

    Try a more interactive approach to course delivery and training with our Face-To-Face Learning portfolio. Suitable for private individuals as well as employees.

    To find out more,

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    Face-To-Face Learning
  • e-Learning

    Take advantage of the convenience e-learning offers you and your employees with our comprehensive online course range. Also suitable for private individuals.

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  • Bespoke Learning Solutions

    No two businesses are the same. That’s why we provide a range of flexible learning solutions, fully customisable to meet every corporate requirement.

    To contact us and learn more,

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    Bespoke Learning Solutions

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Multi-Jurisdiction Regulatory Compliance

Our portfolio includes courses designed to help companies meet their regulatory training requirements in multiple jurisdictions including the UK, USA, Malta and Guernsey.


New to iGaming and Looking to Learn More?

Our introductory course provides candidates and employees who are new to online gaming with a comprehensive overview of the industry.


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